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Our offerings


Dynamic and realtime tracking of school buses


Live and realtime video streaming from within the school bus


Realtime and continuous monitoring throughout the school premises

Why Schoolsafe ?

Effortless Tracking

Custom Id cards for student and teachers for effortless tracking

Continous Monitoring

Wifi enabled receivers for continuous monitoring throughout the campus

Realtime Dashboard

Web and mobile based realtime dashboard for school administrators

Parent Mobile App

Easy to use and reliable mobile app for parents to view the whereabouts of their children

Context aware alerts

Context aware realtime alerts to make you aware of any emergency

Customer Support

24 X 7 emergency contact service from Schoolsafe

Rich realtime dashboard

Context aware and realtime dashboard provides you the information about students and their whereabouts

Location History

Get the student location history through dashboard

Manage your bus online

Monitor the speed of all the buses that are running.

All in one parent app

  • Realtime location

    View the location of buses in realtime

  • Student Attendance Information

    View the student attendance period wise

  • Student Timeline

    View your ward's whereabouts as a timeline

  • Voice Alerts

    Realtime voice alerts to alert you the bus location

  • Locate tag

    Lost your card ? Find it using Locate tag

  • Single login

    Do you have student in multiple schools ? No need of multiple login.

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